Heritage is important

Heritage is very important to the economy of Bath and NE Somerset Council. The Roman Baths are a magnificent centre piece for Bath. This weekend the tunnel vaults were opened up for public viewing so I went along for a tour. It is fascinating how much is stored down there and how much is still potentially waiting to be discovered. When the Roman Baths were discovered and restored the project was as controversial at the time as the recent development of our own Bath Spa. The Roman Baths were one of the best Thermal Spas of Roman Times. The new Bath Spa is the best in the Country today.

The Roman Baths bring in a considerable income to the Council and the new Spa is also leading regeneration and creation of a new spa culture in Bath. The Conservatives fought against the project tooth and nail and in the 1980s they closed the Kings Bath and turned them into shops.

Some of the vaults were also used in the recent BBC drama series Bonekickers such as these stones below.

Roman Baths vaults

Bath Rugby

Bath 37 Worcester 19

Bath played some fantastic rugby in this thrilling match and were basically always in control of the game. It was great to be at the Rec again in another sellout crowd in lovely September sunshine.

For many years now we have been working with the Charity Commission over the covenent covering the land. Hopefully all is now resolved and we will soon get an application from the club to develop the stadium to make it fit for the 21st Century. The vast majority of people in Bath want Bath Rugby to stay in the centre and on match days there is a real buzz around the city centre. There are some people though who do not want the rugby club there and hence years of legal battles and wrangling. Misleadingly they refer to themselves as Friends of the Rec and the link goes to one of the latest letters in the Bath Chronicle.

  Bath 37 Worcester 19

I’m 4 Ros

Ros Scott visited Bath today and met some of the local Bathwick and Abbey Ward members. In the presidential election I am backing Ros Scott. I think she will be the best person for the job, will get more cross-party working and thinking going and with her strong local government connections will be a great link between Councillors, activists and MPs.

Ros Scott with me  Ros Scott and Paul

Global Warming

Global Warming is a key issue facing all of us. I aim to reduce my carbon footprint as much as possible. My electricity is now through GoodEnergy which generates 100% renewable electricity. At the party conference in September I had the opportunity to meet up with Steve Webb MP to discuss the issue and urge him to increase the party commitments on the environmental. It is one of our USPs with the Conservatives and Labour inactive or non-commital on the agenda, or even worse supporting nightmare solutions such as nuclear power. What is clear we cannot proceed as we are.

Action needed now to stop flooding


Action is needed now to stop major flooding in the years ahead. The recent floods from Gloucestershire to Hull in the UK and in a number of countries around the world clearly demonstrate the the global nature of the problem.


With climate change leading to wetter weather and melting of the polar ice caps leading to rising sea levels, many areas in the UK are under threat of flooding. The picture below demonstrates what could happen in the UK if no action is taken to stop further climate change taking place.


Liberal Democrat plans to cut down on carbon emissions which are leading to climate change include:

  • Cutting income tax and make polluters pay instead – so it pays to go green
  • Making a big investment in public transport, including the immediate start on a high speed rail network
  • Making energy companies use windfall profits to insulate homes, reducing emissions and cutting bills
  • Shifting to cleaner, greener energy, with incentives for a massive expansion of renewable projects


We need action now and cannot wait till the coastline is creeping up towards Bath!!. Global Warming with Steve Webb