Severn Barrage – No thanks

The last West f England Partnership debated it response to the Government shortlisting of options to harness energy from the Severn Estuary. It shortlisted 5 including 3 barrages. Whilst there is a debate to be had on the two small barrages it is absolute nonsense to be considering further the £25billion large barrage coming across to Somerset from Cardiff. Not only is it a waste of money but it is a further waste of £10M to investigate it further. It wont be built and it should be discarded now.

The South West has a golden opportunity to become a world leader in getting tidal reefs, lagoons and fences to work. Not building a huge dam that is bad for the environment, bad for ecology and makes no economic sense.

Add to that the fact that it will devestate Bristol Port.  Today went for a visit to the Port to see at first hand the work it does and look at its plans for the future. A future that will see it develop to take the new large ships being planned and a future that puts its freight straight onto the rail system or the motorway network.

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