Cow Factory farming in Lincolnshire needs to be stopped again

The corporate cowboys have again submitted a planning application – just before Christmas – for a Cow Factory Farm in Lincolnshire. This inhumane method of farming is BAD for cows, farmers, climate and society. It needs to be stopped again and every time an application is submitted. The cows are kept indoors all year and are not allowed to eat grass. Everything about this method of farming is wrong.

The easiest way to do this is join the petition at 38 Degrees LINK

The petition:

To: Tony McArdle, Chief Executive of Lincolnshire County Council, all councillors in Lincolnshire and North Kesteven District Council

Please don’t let plans for ‘mega-dairies’ go ahead in Lincolnshire.

These farms would make a big contribution to climate change and undermine more responsible, sustainable cattle farms in Lincolnshire and the rest of the UK.

Keeping cows inside almost all year is cruel and there is evidence that cows kept in factory farms suffer as a result.

Please do all you can to stop these mega-dairy style farms being built in Lincolnshire.

One thought on “Cow Factory farming in Lincolnshire needs to be stopped again

  1. Marcus Latham says:

    This is not the future that the people of this country want to see farming going. We have spent years pushing for an end to factory farming methods and being concencious with our purchasing to back that up. This is a set back into the dark ages of profit at any cost.

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