Active Travel – a great new project

Wellsway School hosts launch of Council’s Active Travel Project

The Active Travel Project, organised by Sustrans in partnership with the Council. Children and staff at Wellsway School took part in the launch of the Active Travel Project, run by Bath & North East Somerset Council, at lunchtime on Thursday February 21 Feb. The project aims to provide children with the skills and information to allow them to travel to school actively and sustainably by bike, foot or public transport on a regular basis.

As Leader of the Council I am keen to encourage young people to walk and cycle more.  Active Travel to school is a great way for pupils to enjoy staying fit and healthy and research shows it allows them to become better students in the classroom. Bath & North East Somerset Council wants to encourage people of all ages to think about how they take their journeys, taking sustainable transport, like bus or bike, when they can.

The work is funded through the Local Sustainable Transport Fund and being delivered by the West of England Partnership and involves several local Councils, including Bath & North East Somerset, working with the Department for Transport.

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