On the Buses

So far this week two days walking to work and two days on the buses. Wednesday the A4 from Bath City Centre to Hengrove and back. Very reliable service and easy to catch at the city centre. At the Hengrove end I got to the bus stop 10 minutes early but the bus came through on time. I should have looked at my bus checker app from the comfort of @CllrTimKent ‘s house where we had just finished a few hours of leafletting. Today with visits to Southdown and Bath Spa University Newton Park Campus I have caught the 18, 10,12, 15, 15 and 1 and as I knew I would be on a lot of buses today logged my wait times at bus stops. Amazingly a total of 8 minutes. Mind you it helps knowing when the buses are due. The 12 is a 40 minute service so I checked on the time table before going into a resident’s house to help with a planning issue and got out and to the bus stop just in time. Tomorrow another day on the buses and I will also be catching the 5 service which is the only one I am getting complaints about in recent weeks.

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