#StrongerIn EU

Met with the Bath Spa University debating society this afternoon and we have agreed on a Uni debate on the European referendum. It is important that we make sure that young people are fully engaged in this momentous referendum as it is they who will be most affected by the result for the longest. They were pleased that I was trying to make sure that young people are fully engaged in the debate and I expect a full house for it when we hold it in April sometime. Next week at BRSLI is also the launch of the #Stronger In campaign in Bath. in my view the Out campaign has been making the most noise so far. Time for those who want IN to start stepping up to the plate and challenging the daily quota of misinformation being put about by those who want us out and have no interest in the future of a United Kingdom. A leave vote would trigger another Scottish Referendum to stay IN Europe and leave the UK and this time it would be won.

The debating society is first going to contact the University of Bath debating society to see if a single joint debate is needed or two separate ones.

Next step start contacting all our 6th forms and the College on the issue. Although the Liberal Democrat push to have the voting age for the referendum lowered to 16 was rejected by the Conservatives their views are still vital.

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