Leader v Mayor – budgets

So last night both BathNES and Bristol set their Council tax increases and showed very clearly why a Leader model is better for residents over an elected Mayor.

comparing tax rises in the two authorities since Bristol went Mayoral – and both authorities faced the same economic situations and government rulings:-

for every £1000 of Council tax in Jan 2013 following their budget meetings:-

Feb 2013 Bath NES rise – 0% Bristol 2%   making the original £1000 – BathNES £1000 Bristol £1020

Feb 2014 Bath NES rise – 0% Bristol 2%  making the original £1000 – BathNES £1000 Bristol £1040.4

Feb 2015 Bath NES rise – 0% Bristol 2% making the original £1000 – BathNES £1000 Bristol £1061.21

Feb 2016 Bath NES rise – 3.25% Bristol 4% making the original £1000 – BathNES £1032.5 Bristol £1103.66


2 thoughts on “Leader v Mayor – budgets

  1. Neill says:

    Yes, but if the result is services offered by Bristol are better and the quality of life improved -with money going into schemes like residents parking, smart city and improved public transport, (which attracts businesses, creating jobs), then BANES looks like it took a wrong turn.

    • Hi Neill
      I don’t think so. In 2011 under Leader Barbara Janke Bristol had reached a Recyling rate of 49%. B&NES by comparison was at 43%. 4 years later with Brustol under a Mayor and B@NES under my leadership the figures are Bristol 43% and B&NES 78%. To make matters worse Bristol has signed a contract to export its waste to Sweden to be burnt in an incinerator. NOt Green or environmental at all. You would see similar results in several other Council services – education – social care etc etc. All better in B&NES and at a substantially lower Council Tax bill.

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