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Moorland Road is amazing

August 10th, 2014 by Paul Crossley

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From L 2 R Cllr Sharon Ball, Cllr Will Sandry, Cllr Paul Crossley and Sarah Moore











After a morning visiting the new ramp at Claude Avenue that leads down to the Linear Way and talking with residents and users on the path about the facility time for a coffee and chat on the amazing Moorland Road in the Busy Bee cafe.

This is one of our main shopping parades outside the city centre and it is good to see it thriving with a range of shops selling a wide variety of products.

Photo thanks to Sean Moore.


Two Tunnels – new access route

August 10th, 2014 by Paul Crossley





From right to left Cllr Sharon Ball, Sarah Moore, Cllr Will Sandry, Cllr Paul Crossley









The Two Tunnels cycle route has been an amazing new cycle link in Bath. It was built in partnership between National Lottery, Sustrans, BathNES Council and the Two Tunnels Group. The cycling connectivity through Bath is getting truly awesome. The Liberal Democrat run Council of the last few years has been investing in cycle links and paths and also joining up different paths. Just a few weeks ago we opened the new link from Batheaston to Bathampton. Now we are ready to oppen a new link from Claude Avenue down onto the Linear Way which leads to Two Tunnels.

These routes are not just great for cyclists and pedestrians but they also form jogging routes, dog walking routes and safe routes to schools.

Kelston Toll Road

August 4th, 2014 by Paul Crossley





Me at the Kelston Toll Road doing one of many interviews since the road opened.










In the awful rains at the beginning of the year the land at Kelston started slipping down the hill. At the Kelston Road the movement was going on at a dept of 7 metres and the effect on the road was to open a wide and deep crack. We had to close the road. This is a main comuter route between Bath and Bristol and the closure caused a large diversion of 14 miles to get round it. Inconvient and time consuming and it affected the village of Kelston particularly badly.

The Council started monitoring the landslip and exploring possible repairs for when the land stopped moving. The land slip did not actually stop till mid June. However during this time local business man Mike Watts wanted a temporary relief road built. He got together with the local landowner and built a temporary toll road above the landslip which opened as a Toll Road at the end of July at £2 per trip.

This was built without planning permission. Luckily the retrospective application is now coming in. The Council itself could not have done this temporary road as the construction is not upto highway standards. Still it is proving popular with motorists and from the Council point of view it is not interfering with the major repair work to the road which has now started.

The Toll road has attracted a lot of media interest from across the country and beyond. Apart from ITV, BBC and Sky there has also been a visit from German ZDF TV. Also every radio station in the area has covered the story. Mike Watts has worked well with our Highways team to ensure that safety and efficient working happens.

The full repair which will cost in the order of £2M should be complete before Christmas.

Victoria Art Gallery – Exhibition Pass

August 1st, 2014 by Paul Crossley




Picture shows me renewing my annual exhibition pass. A snip at £10.







The Victoria Art Gallery in Bath is one of the BathNES Council’s many museum service venues. Apart from the free entry to the main collection the gallery regularly puts on visiting exhibition and for these there is an entry charge. However to encourage repeat visits we offer an annual pass for £10. This allows as many entries as you like to each and every touring exhibition. The cabinet of the council wants to ensure that touring exhibitions pay for themselves and thus are not a charge to local taxpayers. The scheme is working well and bringing in income. The Victoria Art Gallery also has its own Twitter feed .

The current exhibition is from the Radev Collection and is well worth a visit with a range of great art.

The Liberal Democrat run Council is doing a large regeneration on the Guildhall area with new employment areas, an extended market place, new restaurants in the undercroft area and also looking to see how we can extend the Gallery to increase its facilities and enable it to grow its business.

Change Project

July 15th, 2014 by Paul Crossley

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The City of Bath retains the heritage of it’s Mayor through the Charter Trustees. Each year the mayor is chosen from the Trustees and in any year may have over 600 engagements with the public and groups. One of the roles it covers is the Change Project whereby money is collected and used to help the homeless through charities such as Julian House and Big Issue. Each year the money collected is give out to the charities at the Change Project reception

Batheaston Bridge

July 15th, 2014 by Paul Crossley


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The Liberal Democrat adminstration I lead at Bath and North East Somerset Council has been investing in new cycle and pedestrian links around the authority area for all three years of the Council and we will be continuing on for a fourth year. Connecting communities with new cycle and pedestrian links is good for health and good for our roads as it allows options for travel. the new bridge crosses the river at Batheaston car park and joins Bathampton on Mill Lane. One young student says it is saving him 20 minutes each way when he visits friends in Batheaston. Also lots of dog walkers are enjoying the new set of fields to walk in and exercise their dogs.


Fracking Concerns

July 13th, 2014 by Paul Crossley
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Fracking, in my view, is a very risky technology even with the best of safeguards. It would be far better getting far more households with solar power and more efficiency put into our old housing stock. However in Bath and NE Somerset our area is covered by 4 licences and 3 have expired and one has a 1 year extension. I have written to Government asking that the 3 expired licecnes should be revoked and not added into the next sale of licences. The reason is the risk to the world heritage city of Bath and its Spa waters.

In addition to Governement I have also written to several key environmental agancies and the Workld Heritage management asking for their support in this request.

for more inormation see this link

Cycle Fest

July 12th, 2014 by Paul Crossley


Scorpions Cycle club











The Cycle Fest at Odd Down was a great success on Sat 12 July with over 2000 visitors during the day. The new cycle track implemented by the Liberal Democrat Council is prooving to be a great success with many different cycle clubs using it and indeed travel from other towns to make use of the facility. Our next stage of development up at this sports hub is a new pavillion and changing rooms and other facilities.

The cyclists have got together to form a great new cycle club for young cyclists called the scorpions and lots of youngsters came along for the challenge races and everyone got a ‘Tour de France’ style t-shirt.

Studio School at Odd Down Cycle Fest

July 12th, 2014 by Paul Crossley

Paul Crossley with Bath Studio School head Colin Cattenach




The Cycle Fest at Odd Down on Saturday 12 July was a great success with over 2000 people attending during the day. At the start of the day I caught up with some of the stall holders as they set up fior the busy day ahead. One of the innovations that has come from Michael Gove is the conceopt of the studio school and whilst I was initially sceptical about this new format it has been taken up with enthusiasm by Colin Cattenach and the Bath Studio School which is linked to the former Link School which he is rebranding as Aspire school. The Link was for students with behaviour problems and I think the new title is so much better. I was chair of governors at this school for two years. The Studio school will be working with local firms to ensure an approach based on the strap line ‘Real Life Real Work’. It opens in September this year.


Land Registry

July 11th, 2014 by Paul Crossley

The idea to float of the land registry was another item of bad news for local councils. We deliver the service really well and efficiently and make a profit from the service which helps Councils. As Leader of Bath and NE Somerset I wrote to our two MPs Don Foster and Jacob Rees-Mogg to complain about this and asking them to support my Council’s plea and that from many other groups not to proceed with the idea. It is great that Vince Cable MP has vetoed the idea and so it is not now going to happen. Guardian article for more detail.